In this episode, Kevin talks to author Joel Bowman. Joel is a contributor at The Daily Reckoning, International Man, and Foundation for Economic Education. His articles on bitcoin, decentralization, anarchy, travel, and various other topics of interests have appeared in dozens of journals and media outlets. 

Joel currently lives with his wife and daughter in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Topics discussed :

  • Joel’s background and how he got to where he is today
  • Travel stories and views
  • Autonomous Zones and other fun
  • Living in Taipei
  • How he and his wife ended up in Argentina
  • How he met his wife
  • The unique wedding
  • His thoughts on anarchy
  • His take on people who are not seeing violence
  • How the pandemic has affected governments around the world
  • The culture of celebrity worship
  • Where he thinks things are heading
  • His thoughts on the positive outcomes of COVID-19-related lockdowns
  • His advice to people who are spending more time at home
  • What he’s working on right now

And more!


Joel’s Twitter: @JoelBowman

The Daily Reckoning
International Man
Foundation for Economic Education

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