FL 179: [FREEDOM READS] Freedom on a Societal vs Individual Level – Unconditional Parenting

In this episode of Freedom Lovin, Kevin shares his experiences from his latest visit to Brazil and reads another excerpt from Unconditional Parenting by Alfie Kohn. Parents often claim to love their children unconditionally, yet in cultures around the world, they will usually impose limits on their expressions of this love. Kevin argues that how children feel their parents’ love is much more important to how they will turn out than parents’ intentions about how they experience that love.

Topics discussed:

  • The continued decline of the COVID narrative in America and Brazil

  • How children’s experience of their parents can be radically different from their parents’ intentions

  • Why parenting unconditionally is necessary for cultivating a freer world

  • The upcoming PaleoFx conference in Austin

  • And more!



Complete Liberty – https://completeliberty.libsyn.com/webpage/2011/03

PaleoFx – https://paleofx.com

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