In this episode of Freedom Lovin’, Kevin discusses three sections from the book The Art of Living Consciously by Nathaniel Branden.

Are your actions motivated by fear or by your own conscious decision to put yourself into a better mental state? Whatever your answer, we first have to learn how to accept ourselves as we are before we can consciously choose how we will react and relate to the world around us, whether that’s in our personal relationships, finances, or how we interpret world events.

Topics discussed:

  • Focused vs. unfocused states
  • The various ways fear can motivate us
  • Self acceptance and making peace with who we are
  • Choice and responsibility
  • How living consciously helped a client with weight loss
  • How Kevin applied living consciously to his own personal finances
  • How living consciously can benefit relationships
  • Applying living consciously to the way you interact with the world
  • How different people choose to react to what’s happening in Australia
  • Being in love with life and being radically honest


The Art of Living Consciously
by Nathaniel Branden

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