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Liberating Your Life From Mediocrity and Domination.

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Are You Free?

You may have the instinctive answer of “Yes”, because you likely live in a stable place, and can generally move around and do things you want to do.

So I’ll ask you again, are you free?

The more time people think deeply about and ponder this question, the more they realize how stuck – even trapped – they really are.

Most people live with the illusion of freedom.

They think they’re living life to the fullest, but in reality, things are quite limited, both on a societal and individual level.

They’ve been working the same old job for years that’s not aligned with their real passions and values, they left their dreams to die in the school playground, the surrounding institutions feel stifling, and they’re secretly hoping for some outside event to ignite their life.

If that situation somewhat resonated with you, then please, pay close attention to what I’m about to tell you…

Freedom is an INSIDE job.

No magic fairy or white knight is going to come and free you from your largely self-made prison of mediocrity. No one is going to come and save the world, or your world.

True freedom has little to do with how rich you are, how many people you know or the circumstances going on around you. Freedom doesn’t come from the ballot box, the town hall, or your ability to complain loudly enough on social media.

It has EVERYTHING to do with the way you live your life.

I’ve been lucky enough to discover and embody this “way” of living and teach it to many people like you.

And now, I’m honored to be able to bring that information to the whole world in my brand new book…

The Rebel's Guide To


Hi, I'm Kevin Koskella

I’m a lifelong adventurer, free-thinker, author, and host of the Freedom Lovin podcast!

My philosophy and commitment to living life with intention has allowed me to visit 46 countries, become an online entrepreneur, and even “Escaped From Alcatraz” – a story for another time.

But life wasn’t always this way…I used to be stuck in the corporate world, slaving away for money and repeating the same day for weeks, months, even years on end. And then I was trapped in the erroneous line of thinking that says “the world must be freed for me to be free!”

One day, I thought “screw it” and booked a one-way ticket to Bali with the limited resources I had (I was broke).

It was terrifying but exhilarating, and it set me on this path to discovering true freedom; what I learned during this time is what I reveal in “The Rebel’s Guide To Freedom”.

This is a book for anyone who’s tired of the “same old, same old”, sees the world seemingly crumbling around them, and wants to live a liberated life, achieving their dreams and letting nothing (not even the crazy world) get in their way. This is also a book for anyone wanting a better, more fulfilling existence in a much more free world as a whole- but starting solely with what they can do in their own lives to affect change on a global level.

Inside, you’ll uncover…

This will become your playbook for building a more free life while contributing to a freer world.

It’s packed with personal anecdotes, mindsets to adopt, and action steps to take to live free and affect change in this chaotic, sometimes psychotic place we call our world.

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Kevin Koskella is an author, host of the Freedom Lovin podcast, and a lifelong adventurer & freedom lover.

He wrote the best-selling book, “The Complete Guide to Triathlon Swimming”, co-authored “Healthy Mind, Fit Body”, and has accomplished many impressive feats of endurance, including swimming from Asia to Europe!

It’s Kevin’s goal in life to help others all over the world to free themselves in every way possible, using his “inside out” approach of acceptance and action.

When he’s not building freedom online or exploring the world, Kevin can be found somewhere warm, listening to rock music (like Rush, Led Zeppelin, and Muse), and catching up on his favorite podcasts.

Will you rise up and claim your freedom?

I sure hope so!

Click the button below now to grab your copy of The Rebel’s Guide To Freedom and start living life to the full, today!

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