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Rebel's Guide To Freedom

Liberating Your Life From Mediocrity and Domination

Due to be released in January 2022, this book will take you through stages of freedom, and get deep into the mindsets and practical action steps it will take to live free in today’s chaotic, sometimes psychotic world.

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The Freedom Lovin' Book is for you if you want to learn:

  • The motivating factors to help you break free from your personal prison 
  •  “Un-molding” your societal programming
  • The modern-day traps many people fall into, including “Money and Success”
  • How To Loosen the “reigns of control” in your life
  • Going far beyond your perceived limitations
  • Live so free that people see it as a rebellious act!
This is the book I wish I had before I sent the country on a course for disaster!
Woodrow Wilson
Former President/Book Reviewer

Meet the Author

Kevin Koskella is a lifelong freedom lover and adventurer. Born and raised in California, he decided to be free of the corporate world trap and became an online entrepreneur, podcaster, and author of the best seller The Complete Guide to Triathlon Swimming, and co-author of the book Healthy Mind, Fit Body. He once swam from Asia to Europe, and another time “Escaped From Alcatraz” and swam across the bay to San Francisco. He’s been to 46 countries and has a passion for health, fitness, and intentionality. Kevin’s goal is to help others free themselves in every way possible, using an “inside out” approach of acceptance and action, building resilience and freedom despite an increasingly unfree world.

Find freedom again in your life