In this episode of Freedom Lovin’, Kevin discusses parts of Wes Bertrand’s book “Complete Liberty Inside Out”. Namely, how domination systems create a world filled with a lack of trust, and denial of self-responsibility, and what can you do about it.

Topics discussed:

-Party for Freedom October 2nd:

-Solar Punk Summit: October 20-24th 

Complete Liberty Inside Out Chapter Reads

-Self Responsibility

-Obedience to authority as mainstay

-Surrendering to systems of domination

-Conformity to adults’ desires

-Sacrificing needs for autonomy

-Normalizing domination 

-Systems as human constructs and traps

-Gravitation to safety within the system

-Selfishness as a confusing term

-Training to believe that nobody can be trusted

-We’re taught not to question 

-Extrinsic motivators, rewards & punishments

-Intrinsic motivation & trust in ourselves

-Rebellion or submission?

-The mind is what the brain does- we think our own thoughts

-Domination systems convince us that we are not in charge of our own actions

-Punishments and rewards diminish self responsibility

-Cultivating a compassionate and loving mindset

-How this applies to today

-Australia as 1984 world

-Deferral of responsibility by the police in Melbourne, “just following orders”

-Fundamentals of why things are happening, and taking self responsibility

-Making your bed as an act of responsibility

-Building the new world on a shaky foundation


Party for Freedom October 2nd:

Solar Punk Summit: October 20-24th

Wes Bertrand interviews:

Freedom Lovin’ Episode #2: Breaking Free

Freedom Lovin’ Episode #89: Complete Liberty Inside Out


Complete Liberty Inside Out (book):
No Agenda Podcast: 

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