In this episode Kevin discusses his latest book, The Rebel’s Guide To Freedom a real world guide to becoming resilient, owning your life, and thriving! Kevin shares his journey from world class Tri Swim Coach to modern-day Rebel who is maximizing his personal freedom, traveling the world on his terms, and rejecting many of the constraints of society. Kevin talks about how Freedom is an “inside job”, guiding you to unleash your own personal Freedom, by sharing his proven techniques to reveal your own strengths and challenges in pivoting towards living the Freedom Lovin’ Way. Detailed writing exercises accompany every chapter of the book and provide insights into how you can realistically achieve Freedom for yourself!

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Topics discussed:
-The Rebel’s Guide to Freedom book launch
-Freedom is an “inside job”
-Let’s build a Freedom Lovin’ community

-What does Freedom mean to you?

How can you live the Freedom Lovin’ Way?
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Kevin Koskella

Living free in an unfree world. Live the life of permanent travel, and declare as much freedom as you can, despite the crazy world we live in. Kevin explores the world and how to achieve and maximize freedom in life.

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