In this episode of Freedom Lovin, Kevin has a chat with Gregory Diehl. Gregory is a personal development coach and educator who believes in the need of self-reflection, challenge, and analysis. He writes and lectures in order to help others correct false narratives about who they are and how life works so they may start making more meaningful decisions and getting rid of their biggest burdens. With this, Gregory discusses his book, “Everyone Is An Entrepreneur” that is anchored in trying to understand about this cultural phenomenon that exists in every country to somebody that got him wondering about what is missing from people’s worldview and what can the young people in situations like this do to improve their paradigm and live better lives. Find about it now by tuning in to this episode!

Topics discussed:

* How did Gregory end up in Armenia?

* Gregory shares his about his journey

* The motivation behind his book

* What are some things that are holding them back?

* Connecting to our rebel part and using that to things like entrepreneurship and creating more freedom

And more!

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