Today, Kevin interviews fellow Freedom Lover and podcaster Jonny  Hodl. Jonny, who goes by jonnyhodl on Twitter, is a British Bitcoin advocate, libertarian and freedom seeker who came to prominence on Twitter for his outspoken commentary on the covid measures, and in particular his photos and videos documenting the freedom protests in the UK in 2020-2021. He now lives in Mexico after leaving the UK in the spring of 2021 in search of freedom and a more fulfilling life on the sunny pacific coast in Puerto Vallarta. Jonny is also the host of The Staying Free Podcast, which hosts conversations with prominent freedom fighters and individuals within the growing counterculture of sovereign individuals.


Topics discussed:

  • What’s happening with the media narrative

  • Jonny’s path to freedom

  • Why cities seem to have a different mindset from rural areas

  • Bitcoin and other solutions

  • What are the best ideas to stay free in this world?

And more!

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