Week 4 of SEO Writing: How are the businesses going??

I’ve been asked that several times now by friends and even strangers who subscribe to Freedom Lovin’! writing-writing-31275199-1500-1004

It’s true, I am running several businesses at once. I have my main two websites, Tri Swim Coach and 100 Must Reads, as well as the San Diego Internet Marketing Meetup, and this blog/podcast. Now I added to that SEO Writing.

But I think when people ask me that question, they think I took on 6 new businesses all at once. No way! I’m a minimalist and already juggling way too much. (in fact I have exit plans for a couple things I’m doing now, 6 months from today could look quite a bit different for me career-wise, and location-wise!)

But the main thing I have taken on is article writing. Since I have partnered with someone that talks about things I like to talk about, it’s not that hard. But it does take time. I’m spending 2-2.5 hours per article, and doing 3 per week. Sometimes I don’t quite finish an article and I’m still working on it a day later.

So far, so good. I’m learning about interesting topics, helping a friend, and getting paid for it. I’m also coming up with other ideas for my own site, and for future businesses I’d like to get involved with.

I have a couple of friends here who are doing digital currency day trading (bitcoin and many others). It seems super intense, but also really exciting. I wonder if I can do that as one of my online businesses? The hard thing that I can see with it is that it could be all-consuming, like a 10 hour a day thing. Maybe I can spend a couple of weeks learning and then be able to dip in and dip out!

The topic that keeps coming up in the location independent circles is relationships. It is a challenge to be in a different place every few months and try to connect with people and have deep, meaningful relationships in a short time. I’m still formulating my opinion and strategy around this, and will definitely have a podcast about it soon!

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