Week 2: SEO Writing

It’s been 2 weeks since I started my first of 6 online businesses. SEO_Writing-0

I worked less than intended last week. Here’s what happened, day-by-day:

SEO Writer, Week 2

-Fixed issues on blog, added a Contact page
-Sent 6 emails to internet marketing firms in Austin
-Contacted Mike Shannon about SEO work
-Contacted Andrew Henderson about writing articles for Nomad Capitalist

Total Worked on Tuesday: 1 Hour, 10 minutes


Emailed with Andrew about writing for Nomad Capitalist

Total: 20 minutes

Thurs 5/29

Tough time motivating.

Emailed 8 Internet Marketing companies, total work about 30 minutes.

Friday 5/30

Chatted with Andrew about Nomad Capitalist’s needs. Got specifics and finalized our agreement over email.

Total: 30 minutes

Summary week 2

Total hours worked: 2.5 hours

The cold emails are boring and so far unproductive so far. I think the response rate is supposed to be at least 5%. Maybe I just need to keep going and send more every day.
But there’s good news!

I got my first gig. 🙂

I’ll be doing 3 articles a week for my nomadcapitalist.com. It’s right along the lines of my interests, and not far from the stuff I talk about on this site (freedom-related!).

We worked out a deal for a monthly retainer.

I’m excited to work on this project. I see eye-to-eye with Andrew on most topics, and know I can write some solid content as a ghost writer.

I’m not that motivated to send out a bunch of cold emails, but will pick that up again tomorrow and see how that goes. I don’t need another gig at this point, this one will keep me plenty busy, and the fact that it’s of interest is a huge plus.

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