Week 1: SEO Writing

It’s been 1 week since I started my first of 6 online businesses. SEOAustin

Here’s a recap of what has happened so far:

Day 1 was a wash. I got the domain and hosting, but had to wait 48 hours for the DNS settings to populate.

This week was successful.

I got the website up and running, with hosting, and created a page with sample writings for potential clients to review. Here’s the site in it’s current form:


I worked a total of about 5 hours Mon-Wednesday, Thursday I didn’t do any work on the business, and today I spent about 45 minutes. Here’s the breakdown of what I’ve done:

1. Got domain, got hosting, loaded WordPress, chose template.
2. Created the Home, About, and Writing Sample pages. Used previously written online articles from triswimcoach.com, healthymindfitbody.com, and freedomlovin.com as samples.
3. Created a new email address in Gmail.
4. Started emailing prospects for potential writing jobs. This didn’t happen until today, Friday, and it’s right before a 3-day weekend so I just did a few to get the gist of it.

Week 1

Total Time Worked: 5 hours 45 minutes
Total Spent: $10
Total Income: $0

I feel good about what I have accomplished so far in 1 week on limited time.

Most people won’t be working Monday, so it will be pointless to send out any emails again until Tuesday. If I can do 10-15 emails a day, I should get some interest by the end of next week, or early the following week, since it’s just a numbers game. I expect to get about 5 responses from 50 emails and get 1-2 paying clients from that.

I’m excited to move forward, kind of not wanting a 3-day weekend right now!

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