Vietnam 2013

New year, new country. I’m off to Vietnam for 2 weeks, 2 days.

In fact, I just got in to my hotel in Ho Chi Minh a little while ago!

Just a quick wrap up of my travel day and will have more soon, with pics!

Flights- Not terrible. I totally forgot, the long flight to Bejing wasn’t overnight! They didn’t really shut down so people could sleep. The lights were dim but there were these two older Chinese guys in the row next to me carrying on a 12 hour conversation super loud in Chinese! I managed to take 2 naps I think which was perfect, since I don’t want to be sleeping when I should be awake! The airline sucked, staff is pretty unfriendly but I’ve seen worse. Food was not good, but they were good about coming around with water. Got into Bejing and they made us exit the plane outside, which was 35 degrees! Not what I was prepared for in my hiking pants and light sweatshirt. Took a bus over to the main terminal, with through security theater again, and walked around a bit before the next flight to Saigon.

The no frills, no smiles airline

Second flight I slept like 2 or 3 hours, pretty amazing for me since I didn’t use drugs and the seats are meant for like anorexic midgits or something!

Entry into Vietnam- Very slow getting the visa and getting stamped in. Slowest country I’ve seen I think. It’s kind of amusing to see people getting all stressed out about all the hoops they make you jump through. I’m glad I’ve already been to Asia and I know the drill. It’s pointless to ask questions. They just want to move you along, so even if you “did it wrong” often times, it’s good enough to get the stamp.

Taxi- I overpaid. The guy said 700 dong and I got him down to 500, which is still too much but just needed to get on with things and get to my hotel. First thing he said to me: “Obama! Yes, good man.” People still love the guy in these parts I guess…just shows you Andre Agassi was right: Image is everything!

Everything is way nicer than I pictured. Roads are smooth, better than San Diego roads! Hotel is really nice, except the bathroom smells like Vietnamese food! Not in a good way!

Roaches- already saw one- on the street! Bet there are more! Hopefully not in my room. 🙂

More soon…with pics!

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