Travel Mistakes in Thailand

Just a quick note on some of the mistakes I’ve made on this trip, and lately:

1. Didn’t plan enough time for Thailand. I didn’t realize how much bouncing around I would be doing on the islands, and the one day I wasted being sick in Phucket is now hurting me a bit. I’ve got a little less than 2 weeks left and I’m still going to Chiang Mai and Cambodia. I wish I waited longer to book my flight back to CA- I’m going to call United later today but I’m not hopeful that I can move that flight.

2. I sometimes have done what I think I “should” do, instead of what I want to do. For example, I’m still in Bangkok, but I don’t want to be here. Instead of taking a train to Chiang Mai this morning, I gave myself an extra day and booked a night train because I thought I would need it here, even though, I’m not crazy about it and it’s 1000 degrees out! This would be more okay if I didn’t make mistake #1, but I’m cramming even more into a short time in Chiang Mai now.

3. Getting ripped off by taxi drivers. It was acceptable when I first landed in Bali, but I already know how it works with taxi drivers, you always want metered taxis otherwise they will always rip you off. I guess that stuff slips after 8.5 hours on a bus because I accidentally paid a guy 200 baht for a 2-block ride to my hotel the other night. Still, that’s only around $6.50 so not a huge mistake but, my ego is shattered!

4. The night train (possible mistake). I was told by a couple of people that it’s actually pretty nice and a good way to not waste time and money to get a 2nd class sleeper seat overnight to Chiang Mai, but last night I was talking to a couple that live here and they said it can be a big party all night and you may not sleep. Great! I’ll find out soon, story coming!

5. Showing up to Thailand in April. It’s the hottest month of the year, and for me, every degree above about 93 really makes a difference. It may be 90 degrees here most of the year but in April it will be 95-100. I’m pretty good with hot weather but it’s over the top here now. Hopefully, I’ll be back this fall and can just hit the spots I want to go back to, in more reasonable temps. Many of the travelers I have met never get places with A/C. I don’t get it! Saving a little money, sure, but they actually say they like fan rooms better than A/C! To me, it would be like driving around on a hot summer day in a hot car and not using your A/C. Uncomfortable!

6. Wifi. Not sure if this is a “mistake”, but wifi in hotels is rare, as I’m finding. At least, they don’t have it in the rooms. Not a big deal if you’re just traveling and need to check email here and there but not so great when you’re trying to get work done and have to always be on the hunt for restaurants with wifi, then there’s the battery running out issue…funny thing is I think if I went for lower end places or really high end places they would have wifi but the “high end budget” places I’ve been going for seem to think it’s a luxury.

7. Too big of a pack. I listened to the wrong people! I could have done with a smaller pack and less stuff. Minor mistake though. I think I won big by getting the pack with wheels. I see all these people wearing the double pack with like 50 pounds on their shoulders in 100 degree heat and it looks completely miserable. Dragging the big pack is better about 90% of the time, the only time putting on my shoulders would be better is going over sand or really rough dirt.

I can guarantee they are not happy with all that stuff on their shoulders!

8. Not having a long lasting mac battery. Mine is getting weaker by the day. It started with getting about 3 hours, now it’s down to about 1.5 on a full charge.

9. MacBook Pro vs. MacBook Air vs. iPad or tablet. My MBP is decent to travel with. It’s fairly light and easily fits in my small backpack. However, I think the ideal choice would be to have a MacBook Air. A little lighter would be ideal. Some people love the iPad but I hate typing on those things so it wouldn’t work for me for work or blogging. If they come out with a MB Air with a 15″ screen, I’m in!

I’m sure I will make more mistakes by the time this trip is over. Hopefully they don’t land me in a Thai prison. 😉

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