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Today marks my 2 month anniversary of moving in to my place right near Mission Beach in San Diego. I would call this my honeymoon! It’s pretty much living in paradise as far as the setting- I walk about 20 steps to the sand! And the beach is no joke- wide open and usually almost no one on it. This is the beauty of San Diego non-summmer. No crowds and usually good weather.

It’s been fun living here and I definitely get my exercise, being that close to the “boardwalk” (a running/biking path that goes for several miles along the beach).

But I think the honeymoon is over!

The weather has been getting chilly, and my house is probably 90 years old and does not retain heat. So it’s about as cold a living situation as I’ve had anywhere!

And, I’m getting a bit restless. Haven’t traveled since July now and getting the itch. I’ve already decided that after May when my lease is up, I’m likely headed to Boulder, CO for the summer. I’ve never lived in the mountains before, and what better place is there than Boulder? Besides all the beauty there, I like the vibe, all the things there are to do, the fact that there is a tech startup community there, and I like the fact that the voters legalized marijuana recently. I myself don’t smoke it, but the legalization lends me to believe that tolerance in general is at a high level in that area. Tolerance in my mind is closely linked to empathy, which is the key to understanding people and keeping positive in a nutty world.

Downtown Denver the day after weed was made legal

So for now I’m stuck on the beach in San Diego. Boo hoo!

I also have airline miles burning a hole in my brain. I can easily go back to Asia again on miles. But, I’m on a lease here in SD, so I find it dumb to pay for two places at once- even if one of them is cheap. So, my plan is this: start marketing my place for rent on Craigslist to vacationers. Try to find someone that wants to be here two weeks. Then, schedule a trip to Ho Chi Mihn City around that time, hopefully in January. If I could even get half my rent covered for those two weeks, and get a free plane ticket to Vietnam, I’d be pretty happy. But I have work to do! I’ve got to find someone soon before the holidaze start, and work something out.

Next, I’ve stepped up the hosting on The week before last I had a guy from Taiwan here for 2 nights- Terry Lin from Tonight I have a guy from Brazil crashing here for a night.

Not only does hosting people allow me to experience new people from all over the world without leaving the house, it also sets me up for more freedom when I travel down the road. Traveling and staying places free is fun and profitable! I’ll probably write more about this later.

This is how it’s done

Lastly, I’m suuuuuper excited about this- I will be a guest on the Stateless Man radio program with Fergus Hodgson in two weeks, November 28th. I think we’re going to be discussing financial freedom and how to not stress about money! (still working on that last one a bit). I’m hoping we can get into other “stateless” topics as well and solve the world’s problems. 🙂

Maybe a Freedom Lovin podcast or show should be in the works?

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