The Streets of Saigon

Saigon is a chaotic city with something completely bizarre, funny, interesting, or confusing pretty much on every block. “Sidewalks” are all relative- people drive their motorbikes on sidewalks, and block them with tables, chairs, fruit stands, grills, and parked motorbikes.

Here’s a look at a few samples of the hilarity:

The telephone wires all look like this in Saigon. I’m guessing the world’s top engineers didn’t end up here?
This rooster on the sidewalk apparently just finished his cigarette.
Dodging parked motorbikes on the sidewalk is par for the course here.
This is a street corner where someone has a whole repair shop set up!
Looks like a bomb went off on this part of the sidewalk. Normal situation in these parts!

I left Saigon this morning and took an 8 hour bus ride to Dalat, in the mountains. Interesting scenery along the way, and Dalat looks really cool so far. It’s much cooler here temperature-wise. And, it’s about 90 notches down the intensity scale from Saigon.

Probably going to check out some waterfalls tomorrow. The “plan” is stay here 2 days, then head to the beach at Mui Ne.

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