The joys of comfort zone busting – Europe 2016

Well it’s that time again. I’ve been almost exclusively in San Diego from late August 2015 until now, June 28th, 2016, with a few days in Austin, the Bay Area, and Davis sprinkled in for good measure.

And I’ve fallen into my comfort zone.

This is where I don’t need to think too much. I’m very familiar with my surroundings, and there is very little new stuff that my brain has to process.

So of course, this past 10 months has flown by.

But I’m off to see Eastern Europe again, and eventually will wind up in Portugal.

My goal is get a new perspective on life, learn a few things, see some new places, connect with old friends and new, and escape from ‘Merica and its madness for a time.

Right now all I have planned is a week in Prague. This will include going to a “conference”, which is more of a get together called DCx Prague. I’ll get to meet a few people from the Dynamite Circle, attend some talks, masterminds, and social outings.

Since I’ve been to Prague 3 times now, the city is nothing new to me, but it will definitely mix things up. I have an Airbnb condo lined up. It’s in a great part of town (Praha 7), but I read some mixed reviews on it just yesterday. I guess I’ll find out!

After DCx (July 1-2), there will be an excursion to a castle somewhere outside of Prague.

Castle in Prague (not the one I'll be going to)
Castle in Prague (not the one I’ll be going to)

Then I will need to buckle down a few days and get work done! I think I will be charged (or recharged?) and ready to explode my business.

On July 5th (my bday), Iron Maiden, one of my all-time favorite rock bands is playing Prague! I haven’t got a ticket yet but I intend to give that to myself as a birthday present. Up the Irons!

Post Prague, I’m thinking:

5-6 days in Slovakia
3-4 days in Krakow, Poland
10 days in Krakow
2.5 weeks in Lisbon/Portugal

Comfort zone has already been shattered. My flight was delayed 3 hours, which, on it’s own is pretty aggravating but 2 of those 3 hours were spent having already boarded the plane! So everyone was miserable, just sitting there waiting to take off for an already 10 hour flight. The reason for the delay?

The captain was missing!

Mayyyybe when you have a flight leaving at a specific time, it juuuuuust might be a good idea to know where your pilot is, and make sure he’s ready to fly the plane. Was he stuck in traffic for hours? Was he working off a hangover? All the passengers I spoke with were dumbfounded.


I luckily had an exit row, which kind of gave me more leg room, but there was a big bulky door in front of me, so I could only stretch my legs out to the side, which was dangerously close to the guy next to me. Still, it was nice to be able to get up and stretch at any time without bothering my neighbors, and the ticket cost the same amount of points as economy.

Of course, I missed my connecting flight and had to walk about 17 miles through the Frankfurt airport to get to my gate, and wait another hour for my flight to Prague.

I’m really hoping this comedy of errors was not a predictor of how this European journey is about to go!

I did manage to easily get an Uber to my Airbnb (wow that’s soooo 2016!), and I love the place I’m staying in, it’s perfect!

Vice brzy! (more soon!)

PS I snuck a lighter and an energy drink through the TSA nonsense in SFO tongue-out-smiley

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