Railey Beach

I think I’ve found…the most beautiful place on earth!

West Railey Beach at sunset…there’s a bar right behind me that was playing the coolest music that sort of choreogrphed the sun setting!

I was glad to leave Phi Phi and it’s piping hot weather and party atmosphere. The boat was about 1.5 hours and then get on a little boat that takes us in to shore. Funny setup because you have to take your bags and walk through the water onto the beach!

Showing up as usual without a plan, and with some others doing the same thing, we quickly figured out that the west side, which is where we got dropped off, is all high-end resorts…so we took the path to the east side. In true east side fashion, it’s a ghetto beach- not really a beach but more of a muddy, rocky stretch…but still, the scenery is top notch.

I didn’t get too picky this time and took the first hotel I came across. A little pricey but it looked nice and they had a nice breakfast.

I signed up for the morning rock climbing class the next day. This was the “beginner” class. No worries! Yeah right.

It’s only my 2nd time doing outdoor rock climbing, and the last time was 11 years ago! I do indoor climbing about once a month, but it’s been about 2 months and I’m a little out of climbing shape.

The first climb was the “easy” one, but for me, it was not easy! I made it to the top, slowly, and with a couple of times feeling the fear come over me as I glanced down to the ground. The instructor was belaying us with the rope, and also helping when we got stuck. I liked that because I got stuck a few times and it seemed like there was no way up but he would yell something like “move left foot higher!” and it would fall into place!

Thumbs up! But I still had a long way to go at that point.

The second climb was more challenging and for me the most challenging climb I’ve done, indoor or out. There was one point where I was almost crying out of frustration, but I finally got the strength and will power up enough to make it happen. Getting to the top of that one felt like a major accomplishment, and the reward of sensational scenery made it even sweeter.

I think I was panicking at this point, but I got over it!
Look out!
Celebrating a nice easy ledge. Little did I know there was nothing easy left on the way to the top!
Relaxing at the top…I did get a nice view from up there too!

I’m hooked on this sport and want more! If I had stayed longer on Railey, there’s an advanced climb that’s right over the ocean- no ropes, so if you fall, you just fall into the water! I’d love to try that one some day- as soon as I return to Thailand!

I later met this really nice Canadian couple who told me about another beach nearby that I hadn’t been to. I took their advice and walked over to this beach about 10 minutes away, past a bunch of monkeys through a little forest. The other side was the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to! Pictures won’t capture it, but here are a couple.

North of Railey Beach

On that beach I met this girl from Montreal who had just done her first rock climb ever, and was also taking in the beauty of this beach. We walked back to the other side together and the most ridiculous scenery I’ve ever seen greeted us. I managed to get some good photos of this pink sky and pink water event that was right before our eyes.

Being there was something else.

That night I went with this Montreal girl and her friend to this fire dance thing I guess these guys do nightly at Railey. It’s insane! They juggle these big sticks with fire burning at both ends, throw them in the air, play catch with them, all the while the audience is RIGHT there! Yep, it’s super dangerous and people accidentally get burned sometimes! This kind of event would NEVER happen in the US! Pretty interesting.

Today was about a 9 hour travel day. Not that fun, because I had like 2 hours sleep last night in yet another buggy room!

Bugs are just part of the deal in Thailand I guess…it seems like these hotels could easily spray the rooms to avoid bugs but maybe they don’t see it as a priority?

So there was a boat this morning, then we got on a van which drove us 4.5 hours to the port on the other side of the peninsula, which dropped us off at a restaurant. Me and the two British guys on the trip were really confused. The guy just said “Taxi will come pick you up. 10 minutes.”

So we waited and sure enough, another van exactly like the first one comes and picks us up. We go 2 blocks and get dropped off again- in a parking lot! They just point at this bus and tell us to get on. We’re so confused at this point! We got on and they told us “You pay 50 bhat for transfer service when we arrive!”

At this point it was getting really funny. This whole time we’re already IN the port down of Chumphon, so we were thinking they were just messing with us!

Well it was like another 20 minutes on the bus, and they forgot to collect this 50 bhat transfer fee I guess when we got there!

Arrived at Ko Tao this afternoon, got a hotel quickly and a snack and took a nice long nap.

Posting this in the morning. Just slept last night, no adventures.

Raffy who I met in Bali is on her way to this island and we’re meeting up this morning…it’s been about a month since we hung out in Bali!

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