Praise be to 2013

I’m in Austin this week and I’m excited.

Yesterday I landed at the airport and took a short cab ride to my friend Erica‘s co-working space on the East Side. Perfect place to get a ton of work done! An old house in a cool part of town. I had Mexican food at Chapala’s (found on for lunch that for the first time in Texas, I actually approved of!

Opportunity Space in Austin

After that I grabbed a Car2Go with my handy membership card, and drove over to my condo that I had booked. Without ever meeting with or talking to the owner, I was able to open up the lock box and let myself in. The place was immaculate, cleaner than any hotel I’ve stayed in even! Really nice place to spend a night. Ended up talking a walk into town, did my usual Whole Foods salad bar trip, and called it a night.

On a side note, I had the “best Bar-be-que on the planet” today for lunch. It’s called Franklin’s, it’s also on the East side and the line starts forming every day at 9am. Today, Brian from the co-working spot waited in that line, in the rain, and brought back 5 lbs of fantastic BBQ goodness- including sausage, ribs, and shredded pork. Needless to say, it lived up to expectations!

Co-working, Car2Go, and AirBnB were non-existent in my world and most people’s worlds a few years ago. I’m setting up plans with friends and business contacts via email (not possible 20 years ago) text (not possible 10 years ago), and Facebook (not possible 6 years ago). And everything has been mapped out using Google Maps, which I don’t see how we ever lived without!

Is this what we did pre-Google Maps? Better than Apple Maps I guess!
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