In this episode of the Freedom Lovin’ Podcast I interview my friend Josh Fechter to talk about his transition from college dropout to a digital marketer. We discussed his story of going from dropping out of college to becoming a published digital marketing expert.

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joshua fecther

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The background of Josh and curiosities of his life and religion. [08:57]
Were you a good student in school? [11:38]
Experience at university and why he ended up leaving  [13:00]
How he used the Facebook Graph Search to recruit people for his chapter of the political organization Young Americans for Liberty. [14:00]
Transition from a political organization to digital marketing? [18:30]
Challenges he had at the beginning of his journey of entrepreneurship. [21:00]
What led to 22Social [22:37]
Why did Josh read 120 books in a year? [24:10]
Why do guest posts greatly increase your credibility [28:50]
Productivity tools that Josh uses that can help you [34:10]
Josh’s 3 favorite books. [37:00]


News Feed Erradicator

Books Mentioned:

The Elements of Style
The Autobiography of Martin Luther King
The Life Of Mahatma Gandhi
Think and Grow Rich
How to Win Friends & Influence People

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