FL149: Vice Presidential Candidate Spike Cohen On Taking Back Our Freedom

In this episode, Kevin interviews US Vice Presidential candidate Spike Cohen. Spike not only talks politics, philosophy, the campaign, taxation, and even anarchy.

Topics discussed :

  • Spike’s background and how he arrived at libertarianism
  • What motivated him to run for vice president of the United States
  • A little about Vermin Supreme
  • How he met his running mate Jo Jorgensen
  • How the Libertarian party picked their leaders
  • The main issues they are running on
  • How he measures progress in terms of achieving his goals
  • On the last libertarian presidential campaign
  • Anarcho-capitalism defined
  • Individual freedom
  • What happens if he and Jo Jorgensen win?
  • His method of communication and reaching out to people
  • Why the local Black Lives Matter group endorsed the entire libertarian party
  • His thoughts on non-violent communication (NVC)
  • What Year 1 of their administration will look like 
  • What he’ll do if he’ll accomplish 100% of his goals
  • His take on Jo Jorgensen’s tweet “Taxation is theft”

And more!

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