In today’s episode, Kevin does a curation show with clips from 3 different podcasts and talked about each of the clips.

The first clip was from Peter Attia of “The Drive” Podcast.  Off the podcast, he discussed the many distractions brought about by cellphones, TVs, and more.

The second clip is from Dave Smith of the “Part of the Problem Podcast.” From the clip, he explored the idea of building a business and how the government works. He also talked about the voucher system and what happens when schools are ran like a business.

The third clip is from Dan and Ian of “The Tropical MBA Podcast.” From the clip, he talked about different places and the difference between Los Angeles and San Diego.

Don’t miss this fun and exciting episode!

Topics discussed :

  • “The Drive Podcast” clip
  • Thinking about your place on earth
  • Distractions
  • The “Part of the Problem Podcast” clip
  • The idea of building a business
  • How the government works
  • The voucher system
  • If schools were ran like a business
  • “The Tropical MBA Podcast” clip
  • Difference between Los Angeles and San Diego
  • Description of Los Angeles

And much more

100 Must Reads App
Paul Conti, M.D.: Trauma, Suicide, Community, and Self-Compassion EP15 (The Drive by Peter Attia)
Fox News
Part of the Problem by Dave Smith (Podcast)
What Does Your City Whisper? (Tropical MBA Podcast)

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