FL110: Chris Reynolds On Building Location Independent Businesses And Building Tribes

In this episode, Kevin interviews Chris Reynolds. Chris is a digital nomad who started the Entrepreneur House project. It is 1-2 months of co-living and co-working where entrepreneurs from the world over get together to collaborate, produce and execute their creative business initiatives.

The Entrepreneur House has been in places like Chiang Mai (Thailand), Barcelona (Spain) and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Chris is also the host of the podcast called The Entrepreneur House podcast. In more than 170 episodes he interviews successful location independent entrepreneurs.

Check out this really amazing episode to learn more about digital nomad lifestyle, building a tribe on the road and power of digital detox!

Topics discussed:

  • How did Chris support himself when he started traveling
  • Why did he choose digital nomad lifestyle
  • What are some pros and cons of this lifestyle
  • What is The Entrepreneur House and how it solves one of the biggest disadvantages of being nomadic
  • What is the Digital Detox Camp
  • What are the effects of being completely offline for a few days

– The Entrepreneur House – podcast
Coliving Outside.co
DIgital Detox Camp
WWOOF – Live on organic farms
– Christmas Truce of 1914 – During WWI soldiers from opposing sides laid down their guns and celebrated Christmas together – video

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