In this episode of Freedom Lovin’ Podcast I talked to Matt Inglot from Freelance

Our conversation was highlighted by the idea of “success on their own terms” of Derek Sivers. This idea is basically the focus that each one gives in life.

Some people, for example, optimize their lives to make money (this is the most common), others to optimize for a legacy, others for fame and here, in our case, we optimize for freedom.


With that in mind, Matt tells how he increased his freedom in business and life, gaining more free time and creating more flexible schedules. In addition to telling us some mistakes he made during his lifetime that prevented him from increasing that freedom.

He teaches freelancers and consultants to achieve what he has already accomplished successfully.

Matt’s podcast:

The excerpt from Derek Sivers talk:

[…] For example, here’s some options. If you’re really into making lots of money, you need to admit that. Or if you really like prestige or fame, or you want to leave a legacy. Or if you really just like freedom and having no responsibility, you need to admit that.
But the point is, when you choose the thing that you are most into, that means that you need to optimize for that, and be willing to let go of the others.

And, it also means knowing it so well that you’re focused on it, and you’re willing to not diffuse your energy in trying to do a little bit of this, “Well I kind of want to be a little famous and make a little money, and leave a little bit of a legacy, and get a little bit of freedom.” No. You have to know what matters to you the most.

For example, if you really want to make a lot of money, one way to do it is by letting go of those others and just letting other people take the spotlight for example. I lived in LA for six or seven years, and some of my friends were Hollywood actors that were actually kind of famous. What surprised me, is that they’re not rich. We always assume that anybody you’ve watched on the big screen has got to be rich. But no. A few of them are, but most of them aren’t. It blew my mind until I found out that the richest people in Hollywood are the ones you’ve never heard of, because they’ve optimized their career for money. They’ve got the huge house on the hill and nobody knows their name. They’re behind the scenes, they let others take the spotlight in return for a little less money. They take no spotlight in return for more money.”

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Introduction – Matt’s background [8:20]
How was your transition from solo entrepreneur to the creator of a business?   [12:00]
Why you don’t need to sleep only six hours a night like Elon Musk. [15:30]
How Matt applied the Pareto rule (80/20) in his business. [21:10]
What is a typical day like for Matt [25:00]
How Matt keeps productive at work. [27:24]
Ways and favorite places that Matt likes to travel. [30:06]
How fulfilled and free you think you are in your life [36:00]
What do you think prevents people from having more freedom? [38:10]

Derek Sivers live at WDS 2015

Books Mentioned:
The Sovereign Individual
The 4-Hour Workweek

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