In this episode of Freedom Lovin‘ podcast I comment discuss an article from James Altucher about living with nothing.

The article covers the differences between having a home and renting one, how other people mold their lives around their objects and not their experiences, and difficulties and expenses of living minimal and much more.

I also commented about the hysteria of the stock market of the last few days, and how the mainstream has lost their minds.

I hope you enjoy!


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Introduction. Extreme minimalism of James Altucher. [3:30]
Why minimalism is not necessarily cheap. What are the difficulties of living minimal? [9:50]
Friends are real. Give your friends experiences and not objects. [13:40]
Explore. Newness=child-like wonder. [14:45]
What is your number? How much do you need to retire. Or to live. Or to say “F You” to a boss. [15:30]
Stock markets crashing, why it’s all over inflated phony money . [19:30]
Why I like gold, silver and Bitcoin. Not regular stocks or mutual  funds. [22:00]
Bizarre headlines in Yahoo Finance. [24:40]

I Lived Nowhere and With Nothing For the Past Year – This Is What Happened…


Muse, “Psycho”

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