In this short episode of Freedom Lovin’ podcast, I discuss the importance of having a growth mindset, given the rapid technological changes that affect our lives.

For this, I approached subjects from why it’s super important to raise our children to have that kind of mindset, the importance of this mindset for us better adapt to technological changes, and finally a little of how these changes ALREADY affect our lives. Enjoy!

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Introduction. Why it is important to raise a child with growth mindset. [3:10]
A clip from The Duncan Trussel Family Hour Podcast [5:33]
Why you should not think that one thing is this way, it always will be. [8:00]
Why are robots and do not Mexicans who will steal their jobs. [10:00]
How the rapid technological changes affect your personal life. [15:00]
Why do technological changes grow exponentially and why you should be aware of this. [19:00]

The Duncan Trussel Family Hour Podcast
Humans Need Not Apply

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