In thwesis episode of Freedom Lovin’ Podcast I interviewed my friend Wes Bertrand, who has been here in the podcast a few years ago to discuss his first book “Complete Liberty“, about the philosophy of political freedom – the essentials of voluntaryism.

Now he returns to discuss his last book “Complete Liberty Inside Out“, with a deep looking into the psychological facets and meaningful acceptance of the philosophy of political freedom.

We discussed how to achieve “mental freedom“, what is being “surrendering to systems of domination” – and why should you pay attention to it, childhood traumas and its impacts, how to communicate more effectively and prevent conflicts through Nonviolent Communication (NVC), and by the end, some perspectives on the future of freedom.

I hope you enjoy!

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What is your motivation for your new book? [10:00]
Why empathic communication talking about needs is the  most efficient communication.  [12:00]
To whom the book will be useful and meaningful [14:15]
How to achieve mental freedom. [16:33]
What is surrender to systems of domination? [23:00]
Why sacrifice isn’t helpful for anyone in the relationship. [27:00]
Childhood trauma and its impacts. [28:30]
What NVC (Nonviolent Communication) means for Wes. [38:00]
Why we can be optimists with our future. [52:00]

Books Mentioned:

Complete Liberty Inside Out
Real-Time Relationships: The Logic of Love
Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life

Other Resources:

School Sucks Project – Education evolution.
Free State Project | Liberty in Our Lifetime
Anarchast Ep. 248: Adam Kokesh: FREEDOM!
Inside Out (Movie)

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