This new episode of Freedom Lovin’ podcast was recorded by my friend Lucas Barra for his podcast “Dreamchasers”. I was the interviewee, so today you will find out a little about my the story, challenges I faced, mindset changes, skills to undertake online, entrepreneurship myths, and much more. Enjoy!

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How did I become digital entrepreneur and a book that changed my mindset [9:00]
 Myths that prevent most people from thinking outside the box [11:50]
The story of a doctor-turned entrepreneur and why people should consider undertaking this way. [14:40]
Why you should look at your values and see if it is consistent with your life. [19:00]
Some basic skills you need to know to open a digital business. [22:45]
How to stay motivated while face daily challenges. [37:00]
Passion about the process is what matters! [43:00]


Books Mentioned:
Rich Dad Poor Dad
The Game
Radical Honesty

Other Resources:
The Duncan Trussel Family Hour Podcast
Smart Drugs Smarts Podcast

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