In this week episode of Freedom Lovin’ Podcast I talk about a couple of books I read about Truth, one that I just read and another that I read a few years ago.

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House moving and some advantages of living near the beach. [00:00]
Why am I using debit cards. [03:00]
An excerpt about relationships from the book “On Truth” [07:45]
Stories and insights I had reading the book “The Truth”.  [12:40]

You can read my full review below:

“This book had a deep and profound impact on me. I finished the 11 hour audio in 2 1/2 days.

I laughed and cried.

I’d probably have to write for days to articulate everything that was so amazing about this book. Neil’s transformation within the book, and his vulnerability throughout were completely enlightening for me.

Coming from being one of the pioneers of the pickup movement, he found that he had to do some deep introspection, in the form of therapy and other methods, to uncover why his childhood trauma was actually at the root of why he has not found happiness or satisfaction in his relationships or sexcapades.

Throughout the book and in many specific incidents, it becomes clear that not just Neil, but every woman he gets with, suffer from damage caused by childhood trauma. Many were beaten, abused, neglected, or abandoned, and are living life stuck in a child or adolescent state of mind, never escaping their past.

This book opened me up to the true meaning of vulnerability, and the fact that not many people ever truly become an adult. This book also gave me a true appreciation of what it takes to love- it is far more about becoming whole yourself than to partake in an exhaustive search to find the exact right person that meets every need in every way.

Maybe a small spoiler alert, but I appreciated that in the end, he doesn’t preach monogamy or non-monogamy but instead says those are the wrong questions. I’m sure i will be revisiting this book as there were so many nuggets of wisdom among the sometimes entertaining, sometimes heartwarming stories.

Read or listen to this book if you want the truth about what is the real key to freedom and happiness in relationships, and life.” Kevin Koskella


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Books Mentioned:

On Truth: The Tyranny of Illusion
The Truth: An Uncomfortable Book About Relationships

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