FL078: The Marketing Funnel to Build a Freedom Business that Runs on Auto Pilot with Harneet Bhalla

In this episode of the Freedom Lovin’ Podcast I interview digital marketing expert Harneet Bhalla on starting and building a freedom business.

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-New Mexico LLC order page: freedomlovin.com/llc
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The Art of Paid Traffic
Internet Business Mastery
The Introvert Entrepreneur
-Harneet Bhalla
-Mindset in business building
-What is your purpose?
-Taking action
-Marketing funnels- how to start, step by step
-Autopilot: build several levels before they get to you
-How do you create content?
-Outsource or learn and do it yourself?
-How to deal with overwhelm
-Public speaking
-Keeping up with constant change


Social Media Examiner
Harneet’s website: http://harneetbhalla.com
Flipping websites: http://flippa.com
Tony Robbins: http://anthonyrobbins.com
Infusionsoft, marketing automation: Infusionsoft.com
Neil Patel
Seth Godin
Gary Vaynerchuk

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