In this short episode of the Freedom Lovin’ Podcast, I discuss the meaning of Independence Day in 2014.

Here’s what was discussed on the podcast: i_am_free_hands_polaroid

-Uncelebrating the 4th of July
-What can you do to achieve real freedom?


Article by Harry Browne: Uncelebrating the Fourth

Quote: “You are the sovereign authority for your life. You are the ruler who makes the decisions regarding how you will act, what information you will accept. You do it anyway — but if you recognize that you do it, you can gain much greater control over your future.

But whether or not you accept it, you are sovereign. You rule one life — and you rule it totally.

You decide which information you will accept or reject. You decide what your next action will be. You decide what moral code you’ll live by. To be free, you have only to make the decision to be free. Freedom is waiting for you — anytime you’re ready for it.” – Harry Browne

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