In this episode of the Freedom Lovin’ Podcast, I chat with Dustin Overbeck and Jo Meenan of TeamZen about creating freedom in your business. Here’s what is discussed on the show: jomeenandustinoverbeck

-Breaking free from the corporate world & becoming location independent
-Building apps and software
-Work the System & creating procedure lists
-How the Team Zen software makes your life easier
-Challenges and strategies in creating a SAAS business
-Location independence & travel
-Living in Romania
-Kids and location independence
-Recommended books

Team Zen’s website:


Four Hour Work Week on Amazon
Good to Great on Amazon
Delivering Happiness on Amazon
Philosopher’s Notes on Amazon

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Living free in an unfree world. Live the life of permanent travel, and declare as much freedom as you can, despite the crazy world we live in. Kevin explores the world and how to achieve and maximize freedom in life.

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