In this episode of the Freedom Lovin’ Podcast, I chat with Pete Sisco, author of the book The Freedom App and of We discuss his solution to how society would work in a post-governmental world:

2:08 – Pete Sisco
3:00 – What is freedom?
6:22 – Immigrants and US airports
8:00 – Digital nomad
9:47 – Traveling the world with six kids
11:40 – Weight lifting
12:28 – The Freedom App (why doesn’t democracy work?)
17:22 – The definition of capitalism
24:10 – Contractual republics
30:40 – Justice services and corruption
34:08 – Interconnecting people
38:17 – Bitcoin
40:52 – Building freedom

Pete’s Website:

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Living free in an unfree world. Live the life of permanent travel, and declare as much freedom as you can, despite the crazy world we live in. Kevin explores the world and how to achieve and maximize freedom in life.

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