In this episode of the Freedom Lovin’ Podcast, I chat with Richard Patey of Here’s what was discussed:

0:31 – Boulder flooding
1:42 – The Coffee Shop Entrepreneur
3:02 – Co-working spaces
5:00 – Independent online business
12:35 – Richard’s US interrogation
17:35 – Start-ups in Boulder, Colorado
23:30 – Blogging, products, and making money
26:13 – Mindset of a businessman, trusting the gut and principles
28:09 – Business expenses versus personal expenses
32:00 – Poker and visualization
39:00 – Passion versus competence

Richard’s Website:

To pick up a copy of Richard’s book on Amazon, click here:

Coffee Shop Entrepreneurs: Wake Up And Smell the Location Independent Economy

Lead Pages vs. Click Funnels comparison

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