In this episode of Freedom Lovin’ Podcast, Kevin talks about his experiences in New York City where he has been for the past five days. He also talks about the changes he observed in Manhattan and Brooklyn, how the massive crowd overwhelmed him, and his observation in terms of how people behave in NYC.

This episode will give you an insight of what to expect when in New York City so don’t miss it!

Topics discussed :

  • His accommodation experience
  • Why New York City has been a contrast from San Diego
  • Crowds and their negative traits
  • Some changes in Manhattan and Brooklyn
  • The impact of the possible L train shutdown
  • Feeling overwhelm from so many choices
  • The fear of missing out (FOMO)
  • NYC and Taxes & Regulations, but more freedom?
  • Safety factors

And much more.

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Kevin Koskella

Living free in an unfree world. Live the life of permanent travel, and declare as much freedom as you can, despite the crazy world we live in. Kevin explores the world and how to achieve and maximize freedom in life.

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