Today’s guest is Dan Taylor of AppsEvents and EventsFrame. Dan is a tech entrepreneur who has co-founded and sold two successful startups. He founded AppsEvents and organises Google education summits and conferences worldwide in partnership with Google.

He recently founded EventsFrame, a simple platform for setting up events.

Kevin starts the show with his latest travel adventures in Belgrade, Serbia before the interview.

Topics discussed :

  • How Dan started his business
  • On running Google education events
  • The challenges he encountered
  • The idea of meeting people who work for him wherever they are in the world
  • Cebu, Philippines
  • What his team does for him
  • How he picks cities for his events
  • Issues he has experienced with managing people around the world
  • Timezone issues
  • The advantages and disadvantages of living in Prague versus living in the United Kingdom
  • His philosophy on staying happy
  • His take on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency
  • The podcasts he listens to
  • EventsFrame

And much more


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