Boulder: Week 3 update

Almost 3 weeks in Boudler down!

Minus 3 days in the bay area and 3 days in San Diego. I’m finally settling in….enough to have opinions and taken on a few hikes!

I’ve gone to some meetups and met some cool people already, and went on a bike cruise around town with my neighbors which was awesome. Yep, Mr. Minimalist bought a bike, a hybrid Schwinn, but will likely sell it when I leave Boulder.

So far I’m loving it here. The weather is typically to my liking (mid 80’s during the day, low humidity, warm nights that cool down enough eventually to open windows).  The scenery is insane. Bike paths are everywhere. The sports scene is top notch and I’m actually motivated enough to bring myself back into swimming shape.

I still haven’t adjusted to the altitude! Swimming is harder than it should be. I’m dried out all the time. High tree pollen means some allergies too, yeay!

As far as people here go, I haven’t run into a ton of snobbery as I was warned, but I’m going to call it a hippy town for rich people! There are I think 4 Whole Foods and a few other high end health food stores- for a town of around 100,000!

My first official weekend here, I took a walking tour of downtown. Apparently, there was a Native American Chief, Niwot, that put a curse on the area: Anyone that comes to Boulder can never leave. So, I guess I’m never leaving. 🙂

This is the house from Mork & Mindy, the comedy starring Robin Williams that ended in the early 80’s. My favorite show as a kid! Nanu, nanu.
Boulder creek, flows right by downtown

There’s a cool little downtown area (Pearl Street Mall) that’s walking only, no cars on the street. I can’t think of anywhere else like this that I’ve been before.

Pearl Street “Mall”

I came to Boulder to hike, and talking about hiking isn’t all that fun, so here’s some pics I have taken, which don’t do it justice. So far, I haven’t found that there are a shortage of people to hike with! It’s just what you do here this time of year, and with the surrounding beauty, most people want an excuse to get out there.

Looking up at Sinitas


Sinitas trail
More greenery on Sinitas
On top of Mt Sinitas


On top of the red rocks


This is under the Royal Arches, a night hike I did with a meetup group

The buzzword in this town is “14rs”. (Fourteen-ers). In other words, climbing to 14,000 feet. It’s like a badge of honor if you’ve completed one I guess. It’s on my list of things to do, but I’m easing into it! Boulder sits around 5,000 feet, so really, it’s just 9,000 more feet to go, as soon as I adjust to the altitude I’m on it!

I’m finally here for about 10 days straight, plan to do a lot of work, hiking, and swimming before I head out again July 3rd to the World Domination Summit in Portland, OR for a few days. Dominating the world must happen this summer. Along with a 14r. 🙂

Freedom Lovin’ goings on:

-Just released a great interview with Mish & Rob from on how to be a digital nomad
-This week, Wandering Earl will be on the show to talk about permanent travel and crazy adventures around the world.
-Also I was recently interviewed by Andrew at The Nomad Capitalist report, that should be out soon.
-Finally, this week I will be a guest on The Stateless Man once again, will post the link when it’s avaialble.

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