In this episode of Freedom Lovin’ Podcast I interview Stephen Nash, Founder & Dating Coach on Lifestyle to talk about how to gain more freedom in relationships and his past in pick up artist niche.

We discussed how pick up artistry works, his past in events like “Project Hollywood”, and, how he left out this lifestyle to becoming more attracted to long lasting and meaningful relationships with women.

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Introduction and Stephen’s background [7:38]
What was the “Project Hollywood“? [11:55]
Great stories about Stephen’s past. [16:40 ]
What are the downsides of being envolved in PUA scene? [22:30]
Why some men in PUA end up becoming “homogeneous“. [28:25]
How Stephen left the PUA scene to search for a long-term relationship. [32:00]
Stephen story of his last girlfriend. [34:10]
How Steven ended in a traditional marriage and found freedom there. [39:45]

Books Mentioned:

The Game

Other Resources:

Stephen’s Website
The Good Men Project
Smart Drugs Smarts Podcast
Dr. Alexis Shields
More about Project Hollywood

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