GOAL: To escape the tyrannical banking system with long term escape from all authoritarian sociopaths and their totalitarian systems

  • Banking
  • Exchange
    • Decentralized:, BISQ, (bank deposits, wire transfers)
    • Exchange with LLC that connects to LLC bank account
    • Make List
  • Crypto to USD cards
    • Trade crypto to USD on this cards:
      • Debit cards funded on Lightning Network for online purchases

NEEDED: booking flights, private or commercial? (not ready for prime time)

Fiat Free audio

Free men recognize that they can’t change the world, and so they concentrate on the power they do have—which is enormous. They realize that they can choose not to be involved in situations that don’t suit them.

So they look for those situations that do suit them.

And they discover far more opportunities for such situations than most people imagine exist.

A free person doesn’t try to remake the world or his friends or his family.

He merely appraises every situation by the simple standard:

Is this what I want for myself?

  1. If it isn’t, he looks elsewhere.
  2. If it is, he relaxes and enjoys it—without the problems most other people take for granted.

A free man uses his tremendous power of choice to make a comfortable life for himself.

The Rights Trap:

A great burden was lifted from my shoulders the day I realize; that no one owes me anything.

No one owes me

  1. moral conduct, respect,
  2. friendship,
  3. love,
  4. courtesy, or
  5. intelligence.

And since I’ve recognized that, all my relationships have been far more satisfying. I’ve made it a point to be involved with people who want to do the very things I want them to do.

The irony is that you pay a lesser price when you accept the existence of the social disorders and deal with them individually.

A free man uses his tremendous power of choice to make a comfortable life for himself.

Don’t worry about the whole world: if you do it will overwhelm you. Worry about one wave at a time. Please yourself. Do something for you, and the rest will fall in line.

Where to go:
If you had to flee the USSA, where would you go?


Second passports: Coming Soon