Alex Jones vs Pierce Morgan

I put this post up a week ago, but put it up as a page by mistake.

Oh boy!

Piers Morgan had Alex Jones on to debate gun legalization:

Um….yeah it’s been hot to trot around the internets today and just wanted to throw in a few comments to the fray.

Kind of a classic example of he who has the better arguments does not always win the debate!

I never have watched Morgan. I rarely watch TV and find news and news programs to be mind-numbing. I used to listen to Alex Jones a few years ago when I wasn’t aware that there were much better podcasts and messages to be filling my brain with! I think to understand this interview you have to have listened to Alex Jones before. This is how he is. He yells and screams on his show every day, and it’s mostly about how “the New World Order is coming to get you!!!!” It’s fear mongering at it’s best.

I used to have respect for Jones for predicting 9/11 in July of 2001:

He’s a smart guy but never has a solution or anything positive to add. It’s just fear for fear’s sake. And the huge problem is for the things he gets right, there’s usually a handful of things he’s way off on. He also thought Y2K was going to be a massive disaster.

I’m pretty sure Morgan had him on his show because he knew Jones would blow up and make himself look foolish. I think it was mission accomplished. However, it’s hard for me not to empathize with Jones. He’s obviously got a ton of anger stored up and has a bitter hatred towards the mainstream media. I totally understand this. But, this helps neither him or the freedom movement, and people like Piers Morgan get the last laugh, sadly.

This was clearly no debate. Alex Jones did a lot of screaming and yelling and sure, he pointed out some glaring facts, but I’m sure many CNN watchers are thinking, “I want guns banned because of nutjobs like that!”

Anyway, who cares. I have no energy to debate people on guns or any of this stuff. Is getting angry about these things freeing in any way? I don’t think anger is always a bad thing- it can motivate one into action. But it’s a terrible long term fuel. If I watched CNN or listened to Alex Jones every day, would I be:

-More knowledgeable?

I tend to think it would be the opposite. Alex Jones and Piers Morgan are two sides of the same coin- we should be scared! For Jones it’s of the new world order, and for Morgan it’s of all the millions of crazy people that own guns and will use them at any time, and we need government to protect us from them.

I’ll stick with my business podcasts, Brian Tracy motivational stuff, blog posts….and Facebook pictures of cats doing ridiculous things. 🙂

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