5 Business ideas you can start today to become location independent

The city of Detroit just went bankrupt.

Government agencies have been exposed as spying on citizens, using a blanket approach of “sorting through the hay to find the needle”. Privacy is dead and so is the Constitution.

Freedom is decaying in the so-called Land of the Free.

This is the current state of affairs in America. And there’s not much chance of things turning around soon. In fact, there are many indicators pointing to the fact that things will get worse before they have any chance of getting better.

So is it time to a) give in and relax and do what you’re told, b) fight, or c) run away?

I would forget about option ‘a’. You will live a life of dissatisfaction, and “quiet desperation” in the quest to be free.

You can fight for your freedom and stay put, or you can fight for your freedom and move away. 

Either way, you need a plan. Moving to Chile or Southeast Asia may sound like a nice option to get away from police statism, runaway inflation, and a populace that doesn’t seem to care much. However, you will not simply be free by escaping the belly of the beast. Their reach is strong and your new location will come with its own set of issues that might help prevent your freedom.

To carve out a big chunk of freedom,  you will need a business of some kind- whether that’s here in the former free market paradise of America, or in a less regulated- but less developed country overseas.

Here are 5 business ideas to take your freedom levels to the next level:

  1. Write a book and put it on Amazon Kindle. There are a few steps involved with this as I have written about. This is one of the fastest ways to make passive income online- income that can allow you to be flexible on where you live.
  2. Do something around Bitcoin. Start using bitcoins if you haven’t already. Then figure out a problem or a hole in the marketplace. Something that needs to be done that no one is doing yet. Maybe it’s a new app. Maybe it’s an easier storage method, or way to save keys. There are thousands of things coming with bitcoin that will need someone to service them. This will be a great mobile business in the coming years.
  3. Help the “new rich” protect their assets in the new economy. There are a growing number of people who are rejecting the “corporate ladder” dream that was sold to us as kids being forced fed in indoctrination camps aka public schools, and opting for careers that involve a nomadic lifestyle, doing business from anywhere in the world. This means they do not have to be beholden to a tax jurisdiction and have a choice of where to live. The problem is, they need help minimizing the theft of their money by predators (i.e. the state) who would otherwise take it and squander it. Most of these entrepreneurs are unaware of all the many options out there and a service business around this is in great need.
  4. Start an “expert” business and build a membership site around it. What are your passions in life? What will you continue to do whether you get paid for it or not? Whatever that is, you are already an expert at it. There is no degree or certification you need. As long as you know a little more than the average person about that topic, you become the instant authority. Welcome to 2013. Now, can you teach something around that topic? If so, you can likely set up a few modules, and make a course. If you’ve gotten this far, the logistics are easy, especially if you use a step-by-step process like they teach at Internet Business Mastery.
  5. Be an affiliate. Simply sell other people’s products or services. There are endless opportunities out there for this. Do you have hundreds of Facebook friends? It’s likely some of them have your same interests. See if there’s an affiliate program for a product around that topic. For example, I have a strong interest in asset protection, and am an affiliate for Steve’s Invisible LLC program, since I use it and believe in it already.
BONUS (not location independent): Move to Cambodia and open a bar. I heard this from Jeff Berwick at The Dollar Vigilante, and I truly believe this would be a lucrative deal. Cambodia is sooooo incredibly cheap to live, filled with friendly people and open for business!

So this is about taking the reigns on your own freedom instead of waiting for a solution to present itself. Maybe this article is your solution that presented itself! Forget the old ways of thinking and start moving your freedom quotient higher here and now, no matter where you happen to be living or how oppressed opportunity may seems in the present.


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