21 things I learned from traveling for 7 weeks in Europe

Some learning experiences abroad:

1. Many countries in Europe are not on the Euro.
2. Europeans love their dairy. The further north, the more dairy products.
3. Covering 3 cities in 7 days is too much.
4. It’s possible to stay in shape by using playgrounds. No gym necessary.
5. People smile much less in Eastern Europe than in the US.
6. Most people speak English no matter where I go.
7. Minimalism is great for travel about 95% of the time.
8. Hanging out with friends and making new connections>doing touristy things.
9. Traveling and working are not often a good mix.
10. Traveling and generating new business ideas are a great mix.
11. Flying business class is 10 times better than flying coach. Maybe 20.
12. People are not the same everywhere.


13. When I leave southern California, I miss tacos the most.
14. Countries compete on who drinks the most alcohol per capita, as if that is something to strive for. Apparently, Finland is high on the list.
15. Some Russian guy died trying to win a sauna competition in Finland.
16. There is no longer a distinction between east and west Berlin.
17. You can smoke in bars in Berlin, even though it is illegal to smoke indoors in Germany.
18. Uber is everywhere and is the best thing ever for traveling in foreign countries.
19. There are more kebab shops in Berlin than in Istanbul.
20. Pandora is not available anywhere outside the US. VPNs FTW!
21. Sometimes things just go wrong and there’s nothing you can do about it and acceptance brings peace and happiness. 🙂

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