12 Months, 6 Businesses, 3 Locations

Change is in the air!
6-image12-imageThere is a lot of talk on this blog and many other places about becoming “location independent”, meaning, you can live anywhere in the world and still make income. I lay out the case for a perfect business in this post called The 12 Essentials to Claiming Your Freedom.

Many people have achieved this level of freedom, but it still seems impossible to most. Where do you even start? How can you possibly make enough online to travel constantly, and not have to check in somewhere?

I have been able to achieve location independence and I want to show some ways to do this, from a reality-based viewpoint!

This is why I’m setting out over the next 12 months on a quest to start 6 businesses from 3 different locations- 1 business every 2 months.

These will be web-based businesses. They won’t require much or any money to start. I will have to learn new skill sets, and quickly find the right people to help as I will only have 2 months to make things happen.

Some examples I have in mind (I took some from the list on Sean Ogle’s blog: 10 Businesses You Can Run From Anywhere On Earth (And Start Today):

1. SEO Writer
2. SEO Specialist
3. Copywriter
4. Info Product Creator
5. PPC and Facebook Ad Consultant
6. Day Trader OR affiliate marketer

These businesses are subject to change, but once I start one, I will see it through for 60 days before I move on to the next.

The locations will change. Right before writing this post, I found out that I will have to leave my apartment in San Diego on May 12th, which is just 11 days from now. So when I decide where I’m going to be next (likely Austin, TX), I will officially start business #1. And throughout the course of the next 12 months, I will be living in 2 more locations. I haven’t picked these locations yet. One or both might be outside of the US.

I don’t have much of a timeframe on how long I will spend in each place, but I will commit to a minimum of 1 month in each place (i.e. if I only stay a month in the first 2 places, I will be at the last one for 10 months). Most likely, I will stay longer, so that my stays will be even and not heavily weighted on one location.

I will commit to working on my location-independent business minimum 2 hours a day. The business will be in addition to what I already have going on with my current web properties.

Why I’m doing this:

1. Adventure. I’ve grown to really like business, and I’m always in love with travel. This will satisfy both needs.

2. Forming a location independent blueprint. I like reading about location independence and talking about it, but this is a chance for me to walk the talk. I want to show how this can be done, and will be as transparent as possible about the process, the struggles, the victories, and the income (or lack thereof). I will be revealing the ups and downs of being location independent, including the challenges of loneliness, dating, finding housing, and solid wifi. Also, the first world problem of trying to get shit done while having travel adventures.

3. Connections. By having to get outside my comfort zone with some of this stuff, I will be forced to make more connections in the business world.

4. Chicks. I think this will get me chicks. Haha.

5. Having a purpose to my travels. When I show up in a new location, I will have to hustle a bit. I only have 2 months per business and will need to get off the blocks quickly and make things happen. No dicking around with housing- I need to find something quickly that will work and take it.

6. Learning new skills. Each business will force me to learn all kinds of new skills and keep me up on the latest in marketing.

7. Put freedomlovin.com on the map. I’m grateful for the hundreds of listeners I have to the podcast, but most are not making their way over to the site currently. I want to encourage this and create a solid Freedom Lovin’ community!

What I’m expecting

I’m expecting to make a million dollars!

No, actually my goals are much lower than that. I want to be profitable with each business within a couple of weeks. I will no doubt have expenses, but can’t go crazy or I will be doomed to lose money.

I’m aiming to learn and grow, and come out the other end a better, more well-rounded person, as well as a better businessman.

If 100 new people are following my blog and I made $100, I won’t be disappointed. Much better if it’s 10,000 new people and $10,000!

All the fun starts on May 15th, 2014 from a location to be determined.

12 Months
6 Businesses
3 Locations

What do you think? What would make this epic to you?

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